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Customers love our competitive prices, expert craftsmanship and honest, friendly workforce.

R&A Construction Company Receives Best Successfull Awards



Sorry it has taken me so long to write about the renovations you did on my house on the Cape.

I had dreamed about having the renovation done for about six years, but the two builders and architects that preceded you couldn't get the drawings to work out.

I knew you were the man for the job the minute I met you. You listened to what I said that I wanted, and then you told me what I could and could not do.

Not only did I like you, but I trusted you, and a few weeks later, when you came down with the contract and wanted a deposit, I had no qualms about handing you cash.

In the end everything I believed about you turned out to be right. You did everything you said you would do on the co's, and the orders you came up with couldn't have been better. The deck, the Azek trim, the extra support in the basement, and the paint job were all first class. When it was all done, it was everything I wanted and more, and you kept within my budget. It is beautiful, and we all love it.

I can't say enough about your entire company; you, as the engineer, Jack Kenny who watched over the construction, and yes, Sue, who answered the phone and always pleasant, handling every message and request.

As far as Jack Kenny goes, what a great guy he is. It was as if he started out as a builder, and when he was finished, we became good friends.

When I left the Cape in October, I left both of your signs up in the yard. I can't promote your company enough.

I have many pictures of the finished product. If you want them, I'll be happy to email them to you.

Also, you are welcome to use or show my house any time if it will help you make a sale.

Thanks for everything, Carl. You made my year!

In my business & most likely yours as they are similar, we very seldom get thanked for all of the good we do, we typically only receive complaints. I wanted to let you know how great John and Mike have been. I probably drive them both crazy, but through it all they have been professional and very caring about my home and the finished product.


Please pass along my appreciation for all they have done and continue to do. I am so looking forward to the finished product.

I am very pleased with the dormer addition on my house, how everything came together and got done in a timely fashion. Any problem or issue that came up, John Leeco provided excellent support addressing them; it was a pleasure working with John and your crew. Thanks for the nice work.

Thanks again for the hard work in renovating our home. We have settled in and love it. It was a pleasure working with you and the end result was well worth all the inconveniences.

My wife joined with me to express our thanks and appreciation for the good work done for us.

I wish you all the best and luck in your business in the years to come.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased Jeff and I are with the home remodel project RA constructions did for us.


As you know, demolition started December 27th and finished mid-February - ahead of schedule. I was expecting the worst, since it was the middle of winter. The house was sealed up tight from the winter weather and the project moved right along.

John, the crew, Mike, Santo and Elisio were professional and a pleasure to deal with. We recommend RA construction to anyone considering a home project and would use your company again.

I will continue to recommend RA Construction to my friends and neighbors; I am doing them a favor letting them know about you and your wonderful company. Once again you took a project that could have been stressful and disappointing and turned it into a wonderful, positive event that has only improved the value of my home.

I love RA construction. They say a good contractor is hard to find. Not with RA construction. The price was right and the new room is great. I loved working with the people of RA construction.


Ps. The workers that came every day were very honest and friendly. Thank you RA construction.

RA construction is one of the most reliable contractors I've used. Prices are very competitive and the work is second to none. I highly recommend these guys.

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